Members of NIACE must have a bona fide interest in education and training for adults. Organisations and individuals need to join formally to become a member, and will pay a yearly subscription to NIACE. Upon joining NIACE, all members sign an agreement to say they support NIACE aims and objectives.

NIACE members benefit from the solidarity and support gained from being part of a large national organisation, which can prevent smaller organisations or individuals from being marginalised.

NIACE members are the governing body of NIACE and have a major role in shaping NIACE’s agenda. There are currently over 500 corporate members, which includes universities, colleges, open college networks, the Open University, research organisations, the WEA, BBC, LSC and all local education authorities in England and Wales. These LEAs are treated as full corporate members but NIACE does not charge them a fee.

There are over 200 individual members, including teachers, support workers, consultants and retired people. Some members are also awarded honorary life membership in recognition of distinguished service to adult continuing education. Members based in Wales also automatically become members of NIACE Dysgu Cymru.

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